Best Brunch in Brooklyn


Best Brunch in Brooklyn

When my sister said that she wanted me to organize her birthday brunch, I knew that the restaurant had to match her fly.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know exactly what I mean from her cameos on my stories.  Brunch had to be lively, the food had to be seasoned, and the establishment had to be black.  I was on a quest to find the best brunch in Brooklyn, and boy did I deliver!

Best Brooklyn Brunch

Welcome to Woodland

Nestled on the corner of Flatbush and 6th Ave is Woodland NYC; a Caribbean farm-to table restaurant of melanin dreams. I heard success stories from a few friends that I trust, so I decided to give it a shot - for my sister of course. I was warned that the brunch line could get pretty long, so I set our arrival time for 10:45 AM sans reservation since seating for brunch at Woodland is first come, first serve. I know - not ideal - but definitely worth the gamble in hindsight as the line was wrapped around the block when we left.

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The Food

I don’t know who the chef at Woodland is, but hats off to them! The menu features American cuisine with a Caribbean twist and everything that I ate melted in my mouth. I promise I am not exaggerating, and no, it’s not the drinks talking - though those were flowing abundantly throughout our meal. I ordered steak and eggs, which were great, but it was the chicken and waffles that stole the show! I don’t even like waffles, but the fried chicken was so well seasoned and bountiful that I almost forgot the waffle was even a part of the dish! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it so I have to move on, but the key takeaway is that everyone left brunch full and happy.

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The Atmosphere

It’s clear from my photos that I love Woodland’s rustic exterior, but the interior is a vibe as well. Exposed brick lines the perimeter of the industrial rooms with lots of natural light flooding into the space thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. There are two dining rooms, a large one great for smaller groups with direct access to the DJ, and a more intimate room in the back that can accommodate two to three larger groups. Last but not least is the outdoor patio where guests can sit to enjoy a meal or grab fresh air. Cute, right?


The Crowd

Woodland NYC is definitely for the culture. Majority of brunch-goers were African American or Afro Caribbean with a few friends outside of the culture sprinkled in the mix. The vibes were fantastic! The energy was lively, people were laughing, and many got up to dance after finishing their meals. I was genuinely happy to share the space with everyone there, because duh I had to, but you know what I mean!

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Ready, Set, Brunch!

The next time that you find yourself in Brooklyn, don’t play yourself. Make sure you squeeze brunch at Woodland into your itinerary. I promise you won’t regret it! Be sure to shoot me a comment below or a DM on Instagram if you do. I love hearing about your adventures as much as you like reading about mine! Until next time babes.

xoxo Charmaine

Woodland NYC

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