How to Turn a Basic Look Into a Casual Slay

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Fall is Here!

Remember when I said that fall would be here before we knew it? That time has come. Since we already covered tactics for transitioning into fall, today I’m going to talk about how to turn a basic look into a casual slay. Are you ready friends? Let’s get into it.

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Not So Basic Basics

Believe it or not, casual looks are something that I used to struggle with. I was almost always overdressed. I think this personal trend began while I was high school. I lived in dresses and skirts because it was hard for me to find casual tops that I liked, and trendy jeans to fit my curves. Fast forward a few years (or more lol) and the options for curvy girls are endless - hallelujah! As a result, I’ve become more comfortable venturing into casual looks; and while I still walk the line between dressed and overdressed, I’ve also developed great appreciation for the casual slay.

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The Keys

The keys to turning a basic look into a casual slay are underwhelmingly simple, and yet, surprisingly elusive concepts for many of us to grasp - like me in high school! The first step is to wear something that you feel comfortable in. I love this basic olive shirt because the tie in the front elevates what would otherwise be a basic tee. It makes for an interesting look and also accentuates my figure. The second step is to add an element to the look that balances it out. For this look, I balanced the outfit by throwing on a pair of ankle strap heels. If I were wearing a sundress - which is not so basic - I’d balance the look by throwing on a pair of cute sneakers. Make sense? Good!

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Get the Look

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Slay Away Babes!

This post is short but sweet because it really is that simple! I hope you leave this read inspired to take your basic looks to the next level. For more style tips click here and here. Until next time babes!

xoxo Charmaine

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