Transitioning Into Fall With What You've Got

Fall Fashion 2018

Fall is Coming, You Ready?

Where the heck has summer gone?  It feels like just yesterday I was sippin' rosé by the pool to ring in the fourth of July!  I guess what they say is true - time waits for no one.  Before we blink, it will be fall - so I ask you fashion friends - are you ready?

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That Was A Trick Question...

Of course you're ready!  You've got a closet full of clothes just waiting to be explored!  One of my favorite things about fall is that the weather is perfect for layers.  I love taking summer dresses and jumpsuits into autumn by throwing a cardigan or denim jacket on top.  That's exactly what I'll do with this jumpsuit that I got in June!  If you want to feel extra cozy, you can throw a scarf and a hat on to amp up the rustic vibes.  (Get the look below) 

Fall Fashion 2018 Trends

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Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe Fall

Let's Play A Game...

The next time you're at home, take a look at your summer staples.  When I say summer staples, I mean pull out 4-6 of your favorite summer looks.  For me, the red gingham dress I wore in Napa last week counts as a summer staple, but for this exercise I will pick the bohemian jumpsuit I'm wearing today instead, because it has higher potential to transition into fall.  Now copy my thought process and do the same with your summer wardrobe.  Once you're finished, pull out some of your favorite fall sweaters, jackets, and bottoms.  From there, mix and match styles until you come up with ways to incorporate those summer staples in a way that's to your liking.  Play your favorite playlist while you're at it - trust me, it's fun!

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Ready, Set, Go!

Now is the perfect time to get your fall fashion gears turning.  Remember friends, the earlier you get started, the fiercer those fall outfits will be.  You got this!  For more fall fashion inspiration click here and here.  Until next time babes.



Fall Fashion Colors 2018

Photography by Gabriela Guimaraes on iPhone X