A Day At The Market: Planning the Perfect Picnic

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Hello From San Francisco!

I love adventures that take me to the west coast - especially San Francisco.  I've been to the Golden City many times, and each time I visit, there seems to be more places to explore.  One thing that I love about San Francisco are the stunning views each park has to offer.  I never leave SF without making my way to the most popular park of them all - Dolores.  Grabbing treats beforehand is a must, so today I'm going to show you how I prep for the perfect picnic in any park.

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Why I Love Picnics

Growing up in New York City left much to be desired when it came to outdoor adventures.  As a city girl that didn't bother me much, but when I was feeling extra adventurous, my friends and I would have picnics in Central Park.  Picnics are a great way to have a relaxing day outdoors.  I love them because you can have a picnic with anyone.  I've done picnics with the girls, first dates, and coworkers.  Picnics are kid friendly, pet friendly, and low stress.  All you need is a killer to-do list, and I've got that covered for you.

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Planning the Perfect Picnic

The perfect picnic is easy to execute once you have a solid checklist.  Before heading to the grocery store you're going to want to grab the following basics from around the house...

The Basics

1. Blankets

2. Portable speakers

3. Shopping Bags

4. Sunscreen

5. Hats

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My Grocery List

I like to think of my list for the market in three sections:  Drinks, Food, and Nibbles.  From there, I think of my favorite things in each category and add them to my list.  You can use this list as a base and swap things in and out as you please :)



1. Sparkling Wine   2. San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages   3. Water



1. Prosciutto   2. Baguette   3. Smoked Salmon   4. Pasta Salad   5. Tabouli Salad



1. Berries   2. Pineapple   3. Dark Chocolate   4. Cheese   5. Crackers   6. Tortilla Chips   7. Salsa   8. Guacamole

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Happy Picnic Planning!

I hope this post has inspired you to spend more time outdoors.  Do you have any picnic essentials that I missed?  Share them with me in the comments!  For more travel posts, click here.  Until next time babes!

xoxo Charmaine

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These items were gifted to me by SheIn.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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