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Now that summer's officially here, it's all about bright prints, espadrilles, and sweet sundresses.  I've been known to play with trends and flirty silhouettes, but I'm also a sucker for the traditional fit and flare cut.  Today I'll be talking about my long standing love for dresses, and sharing the ultimate summer dress.

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An Effortless Slay

My love affair with dresses dates back to high school.  Our dress code required students to wear two layers on top with business casual bottoms.  I hated wearing pants, so my mom and I went straight to JCPenney and stocked up on dresses to make life easier - and that it did!  Getting dressed for class had never been more effortless.  All I had to do was throw on a dress, grab a cardigan, and go!  Dresses officially became my favorite article of clothing, and I never looked back.

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Finding The One

Last month, while visiting my mom for Mother's Day, I realized that I'd forgotten to pack a dress for church.  Luckily for me, we were already shopping while this wardrobe conundrum dawned on me.  My mom doesn't play around when it comes to dressing up for church, so I knew putting together a makeshift look with my casual weekend clothes wasn't going to fly.  As soon as I shared my dilemma with her, she dragged me straight to JCPenney like old times, and we stumbled upon the prettiest printed dress.  I tried it on and instantly knew that it would be coming home with me.

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The Ultimate Sundress

I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I receive whenever I wear this dress.  The print is adorable, the colors are vibrant, and the fit and flare silhouette makes it one of the most comfortable dresses I've ever worn.  It's also extremely versatile.  It's only been a month, and I've already worn it to church, work, and a picnic!  The best part?  It looks way more expensive than it actually is; hence, the ultimate summer dress.

Shot by  C. Lyndon Brown

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If you're not a fan of summer dresses, I hope that this post has inspired you to flip that script!  If you are a fan of sundresses, I highly recommend you add this dress to your summer wardrobe.  I always love when I end up twinning with a friend.  Until next time babes!

xoxo Charmaine

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