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Chambray Dreams

One day, while walking through Target after making a return, I noticed this dress hanging on a rack.  In that moment a voice in my head said, "Charmaine, you just made a return and you have to get back to work... just leave girl"… but just as I turned to exit, an even bigger voice in my head cried, "Charmaine, that dress was made for you... please try it on".  I'm not one to ignore a cry for help, so here we are.

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A Lesson In Knowing Your Worth

I share a lot of good moments with you on Instagram, but we all know that life is not perfect all the time.  As a curve blogger who promotes loving yourself and living life with a positive outlook, I think it's only right that I start opening up about instances that are relevant to my mission - especially if I can use them as teaching moments to help other (and myself).  So here goes nothing!

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My 2018 Spring Wishlist

One of my favorite ways to interact with you all is through my Currently Coveting Instagram stories.  I love reading your feedback on the styles I share, so today I've dedicated a blog post to the items I have my eye on for spring.  These items are affordable and super chic.  Direct links for everything is included in the post.  I hope you like it and share your purchases with me in the comments!  Happy Shopping!

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