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Achieving My Summer Glow with Sol de Janeiro

Nothing excites me more than the month of June.  When I was younger, June meant that school was finally out!  As an adult, June marks the start of summer Fridays, rooftop parties, and showing lots of skin!  I take my summer glow very seriously, so today, I'm going to share the newest edition to my summer glow routine -  Sol de Janeiro!

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80 Affordable Beauty Products Under $30

If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably well aware of my growing obsession with makeup and skin care.  One common misconception I've noticed around beauty is the idea that you must buy expensive products to get results.  Today I'm going to debunk that misguided notion by sharing some awesome beauty products that won't break the bank.

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Home Teeth Whitening for a Picture-Perfect Smile

This season is always full of special moments that everyone wants to capture, so being photo ready is essential.  I believe successful holiday glamour shots start and end with a flawless smile, so today I’m going to share my secret for achieving a picture-perfect smile with you!

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