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Chambray Dreams

One day, while walking through Target after making a return, I noticed this dress hanging on a rack.  In that moment a voice in my head said, "Charmaine, you just made a return and you have to get back to work... just leave girl"… but just as I turned to exit, an even bigger voice in my head cried, "Charmaine, that dress was made for you... please try it on".  I'm not one to ignore a cry for help, so here we are.

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Calvin Klein A-Line

Cutting it close in the morning is the name of my game.  10 minutes of sleep turns into 30 minutes, and before I know it, I’m running down the street like a mad woman trying to catch my bus!  The ease of throwing on a dress is always my saving grace, so today I’m going to share one of my favorites with you: the A-Line dress. 

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Workwear Tips

Shopping for workwear has always seemed mundane to me.  It wasn’t until this time two years ago, that my outlook on investing in professional pieces changed.  For context, it was my senior year of college and I’d recently accepted my first full time job.  I was excited about starting a new career, but dreaded the process of building a wardrobe to match.

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