Barbados Travel Guide: Sea

Cool Runnings Catamaran


The highlight of my trip was celebrating my birthday cruising along the coast of Barbados.  If you're looking to party and have a great time, look no further than Cool Runnings.  The booking process is effortless, and their cruises do not disappoint.  For my birthday, I decided to book the lunch cruise.  The crew picked us up from our hotel, and we were greeted with unlimited drinks as soon as we boarded the catamaran.  Bottoms up!  We swam along the platinum coast, snorkled with turtles, and danced to soca all day long.  The lunch buffet was dangerously delicious, and the drinks kept flowing until we returned to the dock!  It was the most fun I've had in years!

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I never leave the island before going on at least one catamaran cruise.  It's the ultimate seaside activity!  Bottomless drinks, snorkeling, amazing music, and buffet style meals... need I say more?!  My favorites are Cool Runnings, Tiami, and Jammin.



This is my favorite beach restaurant and bar on the island because it has something for everyone.  Stuck with the kids?  No worries.  Adventure Beach is filled with lots of fun water-sport activities like ocean trampolines, diving, volleyball, and snorkeling.  Single and ready to mingle?  Head over to Sharkey's Bar!  They have awesome drinks and there's always a game on. 

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Looking for a cheap thrill?  Hop on a jet ski!  There are plenty of opportunities to jet ski with local operators on almost every beach in Barbados.  They typically charge around $20 per ride.  Nothing beats the rush of zooming along the coastline - just be sure to wear a life vest!



This one is for all my adrenaline junkies!  I actually never heard of hydro flight until I discovered Jet Blade Barbados.  It's the only activity featured on today's list that I couldn't squeeze into my trip, but I'm dying to give it a shot.  Flying above the ocean by jet pack!  How cool is that?  Check out their website to learn more.

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Strike a Pose

For my day at sea, I wore my GabiFresh Reflection Swimsuit and Firework Dress - thanks Swimsuits for All!  I felt like a goddess all day long, and I received tons of compliments.  I'm a big fan of this swimsuit because it has built in underwire molded bra cups for maximum support.  The mesh insets are super sexy, and the tummy control lining came in handy after that buffet lunch!  The Firework dress is the perfect compliment to this swimsuit.  It flows beautifully in the wind, and the gold print details are to die for.  I wish this duo came in more colors!

Cool Runnings Catamaran

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