Day to Night in Velvet and Lace

Charmantstyle Velvet Lace Skirt

Transforming an office look for a night out on the town can be a daunting task.  It takes a certain level of skill and planning to successfully pull one off, so when I find myself in this predicament, I stick to 4 easy guidelines.  

1. Comfort is King

Taking a look from day to night means that you'll be wearing your outfit for at least 8 hours.  Throw on an uncomfortable pair of shoes, and 8 hours can instantly feel like 8 years!  They say beauty is pain, but I believe you can look amazing without having to sacrifice comfort.  Today I'm wearing a gorgeous velvet midi.  I love this skirt because it's fitted, but also super stretchy for maximum comfort throughout the day.

CharmantStyle Day to Night

2. Grab a Tote Bag

There's nothing worse than leaving the house feeling like you left something behind.  I tend to feel that way when I fail to plan for my day, so I get ahead of it by tackling outfit logistics the night before.  The first step to taking a look from day to night is choosing a bag that can rise to the occasion.  For me, this bag must be cute and functional, as I usually need space for my laptop, wallet, and an extra pair of shoes.  I found this Isaac Mizrahi crocodile tote at TJ Maxx.  It's gorgeous and I can fit all of my essentials inside of it.

Charmantstyle Crocodile Tote
Charmantstyle Lace Velvet Look

3. Keep Things Fresh

Personal hygiene is important.  For long days, it's always a good idea to carry make up remover wipes, breath mints, and a small makeup bag for a quick refresh at the end of the day.  When I'm headed out after work, having a quick refresh session helps me feel clean and re-energized for my next activity.  Perfume and lotion samples are perfect for day to night looks because they're easy on-the-go and don't take up too much space.

Charmant Style Velvet Look
Velvet Skirt

4. Accessorize

I'm always surprised by the impact that small details can have on an outfit.  I'm sure it's more psychological than anything else, but I've always found adding something new to a look exciting. The next time that you're taking a look from day to night, layer in some jewelry to elevate it.  I have a feeling you'll be surprised by the effect it will have!  I hope some of these guidelines resonated with you!  Share yours with me in the comments and get the look below!

Lace and Velvet

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