Workwear Tips


Shopping for workwear has always seemed mundane to me.  It wasn’t until this time two years ago, that my outlook on investing in professional pieces changed.  For context, it was my senior year of college and I’d recently accepted my first full time job.  I was excited about starting a new career, but dreaded the process of building a wardrobe to match. It felt like a lose-lose situation.  I needed the essentials, but I couldn’t wrap my head around spending $200 on a blazer that I wouldn’t actually enjoy wearing!  It took me a while to perfect the art of shopping smart for the office, so to save you some time, I’m going to share 3 guidelines that I always follow when shopping for workwear.


1. Workwear Can Be Versatile

Work wear does not have be confined to the office.  You can and should make the most of your workwear by layering pieces into different looks.  Before I purchase any piece of clothing, I asses its versatility.  Can I dress it up?  Can I dress it down?  How many ways can I wear this?  These questions may seem superfluous, but they will help you discern what's worth buying, and what's not.  Today's look is a perfect example of workwear versatility.  I have never worn this look to the office, but I've worn every single piece to work within the last two months.  In fact, the cable knit sweater that I'm wearing is a huge workwear staple of mine.  Modifications as simple as throwing on a pair of tights, swapping out my boots for flats, or layering a button down underneath my sweater have the power to give this look an entirely new feel!


2. Stay True to Your Aesthetic

I believe that your wardrobe should excite, empower, and make decisions easier for you.  This can only work if you buy clothes that you actually want to wear.  There's nothing worse than looking at someone who's visibly uncomfortable in their outfit, and trust me, that is the last vibe you want to emit in the workplace.  You should approach workwear shopping with your taste in mind.  Do not settle for anything less.  If blue is your favorite color, keep your eyes peeled for blue options.  Love dresses?  Stick with those.  Hate blazers?  Too bad - you need at least one - but be sure to stack up on cardigans!  Stay away from ill fitting pieces and items that don’t speak to you - you’ll end up wasting money and time searching through unviable options in the morning.


3. Shop Smart

You don't have to break the bank to look like a million bucks - shop smart instead!  I love Theory blazers as much as the next girl, but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that everyone's financial situation is different.  There are lots of great workwear options at a wide variety of price points, so take advantage of that!  This outfit is the definition of shopping smart.  I found this cable knit sweater on sale at JC Penney, bought this skirt from J.Crew on final sale, and snagged these boots at Macy's during a Friends & Family promotion.  Shopping smart affords me the flexibility to diversify my wardrobe, while holding on to some extra cash!


I hope that you found these tips helpful!  Use them the next time that you're scoping out a new store and let me know how it goes!

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