Black Ruffles

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Playing it Safe

Sometimes I play it so safe, that my wardrobe starts to feel stifling.  Do you ever feel that way?  Think about it.  When's the last time you bought something new?  Something energetic that walked the line between intrigue and excitement?  Something that pushed you outside of your comfort zone?  I'll wait.  

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Living for the Drama

I imagine allowing your wardrobe to spiral into a lifeless sea of boredom comes with age.  You start working more, going out less, and dressing like a drone.  It's a 21st century tragedy.  I don't know about you, but that's not where I want to be at twenty-something years old.  I want to open my closet and feel like I'm a winner on my worst day.  I want to wear my excitement on my sleeve and inspire others in the process.  I want to live for the drama that is my wardrobe.  I know I'm getting carried away, but just roll with me here.

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Being the Change

When I first saw this top, I knew that I wanted it, but I started doing the craziest thing - talking myself out of it!  "What if the tulle is too juvenile?  Where would I even wear it?"  I was actively ignoring my instinct and self sabotaging a fashion blessing!  To bring excitement into your life, you need to open your mind to new experiences and feelings.  This transcends your wardrobe.  Don't be the person that lives with regret, be the change that you want to see!  Obviously I practice what I preach, because the top is mine.

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Moral of the Story

Have fun with your life.  Push boundaries.  Embrace the things that make you happy.  Don't let routine stifle your creativity.  For more ideas on how to refresh your life in these last two months of the year, click here!  That's all I have for you today folks!  You can get the look and shop my feed below.

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