How To Look Effortlessly Chic

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It's Easier Than You Think

Being effortlessly chic doesn't require a limitless budget for designer staples.  You actually won't need to spend any money at all!  Everything that you need, you already have.  All it takes is 3 simple steps.

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1. Be Yourself

Consumer culture makes it easy for women to feel like we're not enough.  Our timelines are flooded with waist trainers, lip kits, and all sorts of products marketed by the latest "It Girls" to make us feel inadequate without them.  It's almost impossible not to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others.  I'm all about drawing inspiration from your favorite ladies, but losing yourself in the process is a big no-no!  You'll wake up one day and realize that nothing in your closet reflects who you are.  Here's the long and short of it.  You don't need to look like anyone else, or have what your favorite influencer has to look like a million bucks.  You are right where you need to be.  Nobody can do you like you!  Understanding this is the foundation to being effortlessly chic not only in appearance, but in life.

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2. Be Organized

Like all great things, putting together killer looks takes time and organization.  I like using Pinterest to help curate my aesthetic.  Each season, I create a secret board that serves as a visual data dump.  I pin photos that represent the vibe I'm going for, and products that I may want to buy.  It's a great way to streamline my thoughts, and an awesome reference point when putting together looks.  Oftentimes, I find that I can re-purpose pieces that I already have instead of purchasing new items!  On the weekends, I set aside time to go through my closet and prep outfits for the week.  This look is a great example of how a little bit of organization can go a long way.

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3. Be Early

Getting your day started early is a major key to success.  If you don't believe me, Business Insider and Forbes will tell you the same thing.  As someone that suffers from chronic lateness, I'm no early morning guru, but I can tell you this - on days when I wake up early, I look ten times better.  When I look better, I feel better, and produce better work.  It's all connected!  So give yourself time in the morning to set yourself up for success.

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That's all I have for you today lovelies!  As we close out 2017, I hope you find some time to reflect on all of the good things that have happened for you this year.  For my personal approach to slaying the new year click here!

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