A Lesson In Knowing Your Worth

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Keeping It Real

I share a lot of good moments with you here on my blog, but we all know that life is not perfect all the time.  As a curve blogger who promotes loving yourself and living life with a positive outlook, I think it's only right that I start opening up about instances that are relevant to my mission - especially if I can use them as teaching moments to help others (and myself).  So here goes nothing!

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When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how excited I was to share the news about my hotel stay at Pod DC.  After sharing the news on my social media channels, I received messages from two men that have expressed their separate interest in dating me for years.  No, these men do not know each other.  Yes, I will share images of both messages.  As you read them, consider the intention behind each message.

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The Irony

A week prior to receiving these messages, someone asked me what's the toughest thing that I've had to learn as a blogger.  I said that "you open yourself up to all kinds of people - some of them have amazing intentions and others do not.  You can't let the latter get to you.  You have to work hard, focus on the good, and ignore the bad."  The messages that you are about to read are amazing, because I received them on the same day and they provide a clear example of what I was trying to get at.

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Lesson Learned: Understanding Intention

When someone makes a comment that throws you off, ask yourself "what is their intention?"  Health is something that should be taken seriously.  It is something that you should monitor and discuss with your doctor and loved ones.  It is not anyone else's business - especially not that of a random man that hangs out in your DMs like it's his life's calling.  Timing and approach is something that you also want to pay attention to in moments like this.  Man #1 chose to respond to my achievement by making a comment about something completely unrelated in a condescending manner.  Man #2 chose to respond to my achievement by making a comment directly related to my content in an encouraging manner.  It's up to you to choose what kind of energy you want to keep in your life.

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Get the Look

The Good News

I am perfectly healthy and happy with myself!  My blood work is great, my skin in flourishing, I was promoted this year, and my side hustle is poppin!  You only have but so much time and energy - don't give people's words the power of tainting your happiness.  Life is too short!  If someone in your life is feeding your with negative intentions and energy, they are not the person for you.  As long as you are doing the things that you need to do for your health, happiness, and well being, you don't have to answer to anyone but the Good Lord. 

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The Lesson Learned

Always remember, for all of the negative energy that comes your way by irrelevant parties, there is ten times more positive energy coming your way!  This is the beauty of life - living, learning, and understanding how to honor and love yourself no matter what other people say.  For more dating stories, check out my 3 Lessons Learned From Dating the Wrong Guys!  Thanks for reading!


xoxo Charmaine

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